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Shoreline Park


Mountain View, California

Completion Date



City of Mountain View



In 1979 Peter Walker prepared a general development plan for a 544-acre regional park on the west shore of southern San Francisco Bay. The plan included a park-use program, development of relationships between land and water areas, and advice on the use of the extensive sanitary-fill areas. Some 30 years later, Shoreline Regional Park remains one of the gems of the South Bay. Features include a 50-acre small-boat sailing lake, an 18-hole golf course with clubhouse and banquet facilities, irrigated meadowlands, a self-guided interpretive signage system, and eight miles of paved trails. Extensive wetlands include two tidal marshes, two sloughs, a seasonal marsh and storm-water retention basin, two creeks, and five irrigation reservoirs. For humans, recreational activities include jogging, walking, bird watching, kite flying, and sailing. For endangered wildlife—like the burrowing owls listed as a “Species of Special Concern” under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act—Shoreline offers life-preserving habitat. Jackrabbits dart through the brush, terns bank over shallow waters, egrets fish in the tidal marsh, and kill­deer cry from their nests on the shore. From October through February, thousands of migratory birds using the Pacific Flyway stop off at Shoreline for a rest on their flight from Canada to Mexico.