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Newport Beach Civic Center Park


Newport Beach, California

Completion Date



City of Newport Beach


Bohlin Cynwinski Jackson


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Once a wide median strip between two vehicular thoroughfares, the site was transformed to become Newport Beach Civic Center Park – 16-acres of civic and ecological parklands fit for an active residential city. With spaces for governmental and social activities that are both functional and symbolically charged, it also lies at the very heart of the community.

More than 100 species of plants were selected for a variety of unique landscape zones, including the Desert Garden, Torrey Pine Grove, Coastal Sage Scrub Gardens, urban runoff and detention wetlands, meadows, and more. The project always maintained the highest ecological standards and the planting strategy was designed to meet strict water conservation goals. Additional criteria of LEED and the Sustainable Sites Initiative ensure the highest level of sustainability.

Custom-designed furniture punctuates the park, providing refinement and coherence within a wilder setting. Transplanted palms from the previous City Hall site are an example of the conservation of resources and highlight the California horticultural heritage of the city.

The park has been embraced by people, their pets, and wildlife for its vibrant and self-sustaining ecologies, horticultural diversity, art, neighborhood amenities, and educational experiences with nature.